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Een Liefdesbrief Aan Arie (2019)

The motherland is a dream.
Mountainous, hidden in fog with grumbling sulfur bubbling up from her hot springs.


Frances Rompas makes video-installations and dreams of endless landscapes. This year she reconstructs her ancestral identity. War and colonial conflicts have left big holes in many Indonesian family histories, silencing the social memory. In order to understand her own identity and to come to true authenticity as a maker she wants to go further back. All the way back. To the soil that feeds the plants. The dark sand. The volcano. Back to the natural landscape of her ancestral tribe.


her process. She scales the worldly with the personal. Historical research is juxtaposed with video fragments.

Exhibited at:

At Kunsthal Kloof she presented a process-based presentation that develops and evolves over time. The exhibition started from a fragmented mind, and unravels slowly into a story.

NNF in de wijk 2021, Utrecht

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