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Elders at Kunstkoers_Frances Rompas.jpg

Elders (2021)

​Public sculpture with audio.


Commissioned by:

De Nijverheid

On the longing for a family history and an elsewhere.

A site specific installation of:

8, 7.5, and 7 meter high bamboo,

15, 10 and 2 meter long silk,

hand dyed in color gradients,

field recordings juxtaposed with my poetry and texts

At Kunstkoers outdoor group exhibition set between a spiked fence and the water. A former industrial wharf at the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. From may till September 2021. Slowly losing thread.


I’d like to be elsewhere

As part of my ongoing project to find the land of my ancestral tribe with the support of @stimuleringsfonds for talent development. It has been both an in-depth study of materials as an experiment with space, stasis and movement. 

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