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Safaripark Europa (2017)

Essayistic documentary

/w Jurian Vermoolen

30 minutes

Commissioned by:
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK)

While Europe is being enclosed by a boarder fence

the continent is hosting a generation of youngsters

who are seemingly free to do anything.

An artistic video essay about the idealistic conflict between a personal longing for freedom and the current political stance against mass migration in the opposite direction.


Boy lives in Amsterdam. It rains inside his room. Girl worries about the state of the world and her student loans. This is the story about their elopement and search for freedom. And while they wander through an overly crowded Europe, they have managed to capture the voice of a boundless generation with this film.


Previewed and screened at:

Spoken word at Broei, Utrecht

BYOB at Nederlands Film Festival 2016, Utrecht

Ammehoela filmfestival 2017 at FC Hyena, Amsterdam

Waking Life 2018 - Art & Music festival, Portugal

De Mus jan 2019 at Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam

Cultuur Terras opening 2021at De Nijverheid, Utrecht

Typisch Huis expo Rapenburg 112a, Leiden

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