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Waardevol (2019)


A documentary short about the '95 genocide in Srebrenica and how the collaboration of Bosniak victims & widows with former Dutch soldiers to shape the genocide museum in the former Dutchbat compound in Bosnia was an important strategy for discourse and a first step towards peace.


A documentary short about how a progressive monastery in Amsterdam's notorious suburb De Bijlmer has unriddled their financial huddles by brewing monastic beer.


A documentary short about how a young visionary artist realised the first step of harvesting electricity from plants and growing from design lamp to enlightened city parks. Her exploration as a artist within entrepreneurial structure has let her to elevate beyond rules and systems. 

Commissioned by: Finext

Director & Concept: Frances Rompas

Script: Frances Rompas

DoP & Color: Luc Satter

Production: Martsen Oostenburg

Production Assistance: Lieke Dekker


3x 3 minute mini documentaries





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